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Beadlanta: Behind The Beads

Beadlanta: Behind The Beads

It's a sunny Monday morning and the hustle & bustle of the morning commute is just beginning. In a quiet office park in Norcross, Georgia, Beadlanta opens its doors to begin the week. The printer groans as it prints the weekend’s orders. Orders are pulled, stacked, checked and packaged and sent out the door to be used in your designs. Let’s  meet the team that makes the magic happen every week!


Bead Definition

Our fearless leader, AF, is a family man who has been in the bead business for the last 20 years. It all started with a pickup truck, one box of beads, and a dream. He traveled the United States following the bead show circuit, until settling in Atlanta and opening his very own storefront. A few years later, Beadlanta was born. These days you can find AF scouring the market for the best deals on high quality stones to bring you the best beads available. He’s an active part of his Ismail community, taking on multiple volunteer projects, while also running a multifaceted business. All of us here at Beadlanta agree, he’s the best boss in town

gemstone beads


Rachel and Omar help keep the Beadlanta train on the tracks. Rachel handles all of our customer service and social media. If you’ve ever messaged us, you’ve “met” her! She also assists with listing, product photography, and order pulling. Omar takes care of all of our I.T. needs, product listings, and order pulling. They've been together for 8 years and are almost through their first year of marriage! After a week at the shop, they head out on the road for gem shows! Rachel dabbles in jewelry making and spends her time researching the metaphysical. Omar loves to cook and occasionally plays video games.  



Jigna is our Shipping Fulfillment and Inventory Manager. She’s got a sharp eye for details and nothing leaves our warehouse without her stamp of approval. After she checks the day’s orders, she turns her attention to our miles of shelving. Keeping track of our 11,000+ items is quite the task, but Jigna handles it wonderfully. She counts, organizes, and updates the system daily! After the work day is done, you can find her at home, with her two children, Rueshieka and Rudra. She’s married to her prince charming, Jay. Jigna enjoys cooking and providing for her family. When the weather's nice, they enjoy hiking up Stone Mountain to view the sunrise or sunset. Jigna loves to spend time with her friends, shopping and socializing, or discovering new adventures around Atlanta. She’s a wonderful friend and coworker!!


Laurie is our Shipper Extraordinaire! She packs each box with love and care. She's been married to her husband, Mikey, for 20 years! In her spare time, she's an expert plant lady and a wonderful cat mama! Her babies, Jojo & Frazy, rule the roost and are spoiled rotten. Laurie is also a jewelry designer. You can find her designs @moonlightandmetals on instagram. Her work has been featured on The Vampire Diaries, Dynasty, Teen Wolf and more! We're so happy to have her on our team.

The team here at Beadlanta is truly one giant family! We’re all thankful to work with gorgeous gemstones and wonderful coworkers everyday.  And that’s Beadlanta, Behind the beads. 

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